Have you found yourself falling in love with one of our Sanctuary Guinea pigs, and wish you could spoil them from afar? These sweet piggies either have special needs, are elderly, or have a significant job to perform. These Sanctuary piggies who will live most of their lives in the safety of our Rescue, often need continued vet visits, medication, special diets and careful handling. These precious babies won’t ever know the joy of having a family and home of their very own.

Become their Piggy Family from a distance!!!

Choose one or more of our Sanctuary piggies and sponsor them as an individual, family, or even a classroom! You can send them gifts, letters, and love. If you are interested in sponsoring a Sanctuary Guinea pig living at The Guinea Pig Slave Rescue, please send us your contact information, and we will get back to you. Sponsorship is $10 a month, or $50 for 6 months. Your sponsorship will supplement the cost of caring for these precious creatures and will provide them with the spoils of all the things they would receive in a forever home.

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* If any sponsored Sanctuary guinea pig is no longer under the care of The Pipsweekery/The Pipsqueekery, either due to their passing or adoption, the Sponsor for said guinea pig will be contacted and an inquiry to their preference of sponsorship transference to another Sanctuary guinea pig or allowing the funds to transfer to the Sanctuary Guinea Pig General Fund will be made.